Dagstuhl (Germany)

May 10-11-12, 1999

After the successful international workshops on termination in St. Andrews (1993), La Bresse (1995), and Ede (1997) the fourth international workshop on termination will be held at Schloß Dagstuhl in May 1999. We hope to reach a similar friendly atmosphere as in the three past workshops, which enabled fruitful exchanges growing out to joint research and subsequent publications. Schloß Dagstuhl is well known for its optimal working atmosphere and accommodation and it is located in scenic countryside.


In general, termination or the halting of computer processes is undecidable. However, termination proofs play a fundamental role in many applications and the challenges are both practical and theoretical. From a practical point of view, proving termination is a central problem in software development and formal methods for termination analysis are essential for program verification. From a theoretical point of view, termination is closely connected to mathematical logic and ordinal theory. Many results have been achieved on termination of rewriting, but termination questions from other areas will be covered by the workshop, too. Therefore, the topic of the workshop is how to prove termination of any kind of computation.


The program is available here.

Registration Information

Acommodation for all participants will be in Schloß Dagstuhl itself. The costs will be DM 135 per day (for a single bed room with shower and WC including all meals). Thus, the exact amount of your accomodation costs depends on your arrival and departure time and on the actual number of meals you have in Dagstuhl. Please click here for the exchange rates of German Marks (DM) to other currencies.

There will be an additional registration fee of DM 20. The registration fee and the accomodation costs have to be paid during the workshop. Payment is possible by cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and Eurocard), and by electronic cash (with EC-card).

All participants are free to use Schloß Dagstuhl's comprehensive computer science research library and there will be computer facilities with Internet access for every participant.

On Tuesday afternoon (May 11), there will be an excursion to the historic town of Trier including a sightseeing tour. In the evening, we will be visiting a wine tasting session near Trier. The costs for the excursion will be around DM 30 (excluding wine and food). Typically, one tastes 6 or 7 wines (where each glass of wine is around DM 1.20) and a light dinner with the wines will cost around DM 14.

To register for the workshop, please fill out the registration form before April 1, 1999. Please also mention your arrival and departure time and indicate whether you are most likely intending to join the excursion.

There will be a cold dinner on Sunday evening (6 p.m.) which will be available the whole evening, such that participants arriving late can still have a meal. However, if you arrive late, then please indicate this on your registration form to ensure that there will still be someone there to let you in.

Travel Information

For details please consult the travel information page of Schloß Dagstuhl. For train connections in Germany, please click here. If you come by train, essentially there are two possibilities to reach the workshop site. Either you take the train to St. Wendel and catch the bus to Dagstuhl from there. Or else, you can order a taxi to fetch you at the station. For that purpose, please send an E-mail to Taxi Martin who will do the coordination. To facilitate this coordination, if you take a taxi, we would recommend that you get out at Neubrücke station. Please also note that the day after the workshop (May 13) is a public holiday in Germany.

Program Committee

Further Information and Requests

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