9th Informal Workshop on Term Rewriting

November 28, 2007         Aachen, Germany

Important Dates - Practical Information - Preliminary Schedule - Abstracts

The TeReSe meetings started with a festive meeting in Amsterdam celebrating the publication of the TeReSe book. Traditionally, the format of this meeting is an afternoon of presentations with room for discussions over dinner. Subsequent workshops took place in Eindhoven, in Utrecht, in Eindhoven, in Aachen, in Amsterdam, in Utrecht, and again in Eindhoven. We hope to attain the same friendly atmosphere as in past workshops, which enabled fruitful exchanges leading to joint research.


Registration of TalksSunday, October 28
Participant registrationSunday, November 4

Please contact Peter Schneider-Kamp for registering talks and participants.


The TeReSe will take place in the computer science complex located at Ahornstr. 55. The presentations will be held in the media room 5052 which is located on the ground floor of the building E2. For information on how to get there, please look at the arrival information.

If you are interested in giving a talk or if you have any other questions regarding the organization of the meeting, please contact:

Peter Schneider-Kamp

PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE  (Ahornstr. 55, Building E2, Media Room 5052)

Wednesday, November 28

13:00 - 13:45