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Automated Termination Analysis

(S2, WS 2011/12)

LuFG Informatik 2


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Giesl, Marc Brockschmidt, Fabian Emmes, Carsten Otto, Thomas Ströder


Termination is an essential property of programs and termination analysis is an important task in software development and program verification. In the seminar, we present techniques and tools to prove termination of programs automatically, where we focus on different types of programming languages (e.g., term rewrite systems, logic, functional, and imperative programming languages).


Participants should have knowledge in "functional programming", "logic programming", "term rewriting", or "program verification". When registering for the seminar, please indicate which of these lectures you have attended (preferably lectures where you also actively participated in the exercises).


The seminar will take place at the end of the semester (Feb 03 2012 and Feb 06 2012).

We have the following deadlines:


Your seminar paper should have 10 pages and be written in either English or German. With this number of pages, there should not be any index or table of contents. Nevertheless, you should give a list of your references. If there are more than ten grammatical or spelling mistakes on a single page, the review of your paper will be aborted, and it will be returned to you immediately (please use an automated spell checker!).


03.02.10:00Dependency PairsF. EmmesMatthias Hoelzel
03.02.10:45SAT Solving for Finding Polynomial and Matrix OrdersM. BrockschmidtMartin Heistermann
03.02.11:30String Rewriting and MatchboundsC. OttoChristoph Worreschk
03.02.13:15Integer Term RewritingJ. GieslFlorian Frohn
03.02.14:00Termination Analysis for Java Bytecode via Constraint Logic ProgrammingC. OttoThomas Gerlitz
03.02.14:45Termination Analysis for Java Bytecode via Term RewritingC. OttoJens Noschinski
06.02.11:00Termination Analysis for C Programs via Term RewritingM. BrockschmidtSven Förster
06.02.11:45Direct Termination Analysis for C ProgramsT. StröderMirco Giacobbe
06.02.13:15Non-Termination Analysis for C ProgramsT. StröderKai Driessen
06.02.14:00Size-Change TerminationJ. GieslJasper Diesel
06.02.14:45Termination Analysis for HaskellF. EmmesDevran Ölcer
06.02.15:30Termination Analysis for Prolog Programs via Term RewritingT. StroederAlexander Roth

The seminar most likely takes place in the seminar room of Computer Science 2 (building E2, room 4201b). The talks should not take more than 25 minutes and can be held in either English or German.

Further Details and Questions

For further details please contact Carsten Otto.


Theoretical Computer Science, Area of Specialization

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