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Seminar: Verification Techniques

(S2, WS 2012/13)

LuFG Informatik 2


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Giesl, Marc Brockschmidt, Fabian Emmes, Carsten Otto, Thomas Ströder


Several techniques and methods for program verification will be presented in this seminar.


The seminar will take place at the end of the lecture period (February 4th 2013 and February 5th 2013).


Participants should have knowledge in program verification or related areas (for example "functional programming", "logic programming", or "term rewriting").


04.02.1310:00seminar room i3, 4312The Dependency Pair FrameworkJ. GieslJochen Schmücking
04.02.13 10:45seminar room i3, 4312Proving Termination by Inductive Theorem ProvingF. EmmesThomas Heinemann
04.02.1311:30seminar room i3, 4312Complexity Analysis of Term Rewrite SystemsF. EmmesMoses Ganardi
04.02.1312:15seminar room i3, 4312Abstract Interpretation of ProgramsT. StröderNorman Hansen
04.02.1314:00seminar room i3, 4312Termination Analysis for Java BytecodeC. OttoEmmanuel Biver
04.02.1314:45seminar room i3, 4312Infeasible Code Detection for Java BytecodeC. OttoBenjamin Kaminski
05.02.1310:005052SAT Modulo TheoriesJ. GieslSebastian Roidl
05.02.1310:455052Termination Analysis by Loop SummarizationT. StröderDimitri Bohlender
05.02.1311:305052Low Level Bounded Model CheckingC. OttoKathrin Eckhardt
05.02.1312:155052Model Checking with InterpolantsM. BrockschmidtLevin Gerdes
05.02.1314:005052Automatic Generation of Loop InvariantsJ. GieslDevran Ölcer
05.02.1314:455052Verified Programming with DAFNYT. StröderPaul Smith


Theoretical Computer Science, Area of Specialization

Further Details and Questions

For further details please contact Carsten Otto. See also the corresponding page of the seminar in German.

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