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Seminar: Verification Techniques

(S2, WS 2017/18)

LuFG Informatik 2


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Giesl, Florian Frohn, Marcel Hark, Jera Hensel, David Korzeniewski


Several techniques and methods for program verification will be presented in this seminar.


The seminar takes place on the 23rd of February 2018 in our seminar room (E2, room 4201b). Talks will be starting at 9:00. See below for the schedule. We have a series of strict deadlines before the seminar will take place:


Your seminar paper should have 10 pages and be written in either English or German. Do not provide an index or table of contents, but attach a list of references. More than 5 spelling or grammar mistakes on a single page will lead to an immediate rejection of your paper, so please use an automated spell checker!

The seminar talks should not take more than 25 minutes and can be held in English or German.


Participants should have knowledge in program verification or related areas (for example "functional programming", "logic programming", "term rewriting", etc.).


Seminar PaperLiteratureSupervisorStudentTime
Termination Analysis for Term Rewrite Systems Using Dependency PairsLinkProf. Dr. Jürgen GieslJiong Fu09:00-09:45
Termination Proving Through CooperationLinkDavid KorzeniewskiTom Neuhaeuser09:45-10:30
Certifying Safety and Termination Proofs for Integer Transition SystemsLinkDavid KorzeniewskiTobias Polock10:30-11:15
Proving Termination of Imperative Programs Using Max-SMTLinkMarcel HarkFabian Stein11:15-12:00
Termination Analysis by Learning Terminating ProgramsLinkJera HenselManuela Dalibor13:30-14:15
Proving Termination and Memory Safety for Programs with Pointer ArithmeticLinkJera HenselRuiming Huang14:15-15:00
Complexity Analysis for JavaLinkProf. Dr. Jürgen GieslDmytro Pachkovskyi15:00-15:45
Automated Program Verification Environment (AProVE)LinkProf. Dr. Jürgen Giesl15:45-16:00
Bounded Expectations: Resource Analysis for Probabilistic ProgramsLinkMarcel HarkFabian Niklas Meyer16:00-16:45


You can find templates for your seminar paper here. Using them is optional.


Theoretical Computer Science

Further Details and Questions

For further details please contact Marcel Hark.

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