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Seminar: Program Verification

(S2, SS 2003)

LuFG Informatik II


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Giesl, RenĂ© Thiemann, Darius Dlugosz


The seminar will take place on July, 28. and August, 1.


Sorry, we will not take any further registrations.


Participants should have some knowledge in program verification or related areas (for example "term rewriting", "functional programming", and in particular they should attend the course "mechanized program verification" which is given this semester).


The books and papers to be discussed in the seminar will be announced at the preliminary meeting.


In order to guarantee the reliability and correctness of programs, a formal verification is required. However, in general such verification proofs can be very costly and time-consuming. In particular, this holds for large programs used in practice. Therefore, the goal is to mechanize program verification as much as possible. Several such techniques and systems for program verification will be presented in this seminar.


Theoretical Computer Science, Area of Specialization

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