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Satisfiability Checking

(S2, SS 2017)

LuFG Informatik II


Prof. Dr. Erika Ábrahám, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Giesl, Florian Frohn, David Korzeniewski, Jera Hensel, Gereon Kremer, Johanna Nellen, Stefan Schupp


The focus of this seminar is automatic satisfiability checking of formulas. Here we consider several logics, e.g., pure propositional logic, but also extensions like quantified boolean formulas or SAT modulo theories. We will discuss both techniques for efficient satisfiability checking and practical applications in program verification.



The seminar will take place as a block seminar after the end of the lectures in July/August 2017. The initial meeting will be in April 2017.

Further Details and Questions

For further details please contact David Korzeniewski.

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