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Seminar: Verification Techniques

(S2, WS 2020/21)

LuFG Informatik 2


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Giesl, Daniel Cloerkes, Stefan Dollase, Marcel Hark, Jera Hensel, David Keller, Dominik Meier


Several techniques and methods for program verification will be presented in this seminar.


The seminar will take place as a block seminar at the end of the lecture period or the beginning of the lecture-free period (e.g., February or March 2021).


Participants should have knowledge in program verification or related areas (for example "functional programming", "logic programming", "term rewriting", "satisfiability checking", "model checking", "static program analysis", "semantics and verification of software", etc.).


Theoretical Computer Science

Further Details and Questions

For further details please contact Stefan Dollase.

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